In utPLSQL v2 you had to use ‘quoted text to compare tables / queries. utPLSQL v3 allows you to compare table data using native refcursors without usage of dynamic SQL. In v2 with you would use syntax or syntax: In v3 you will use syntax: Additionally v3 allows you to filter columns of cursors so… Read More

Winter is coming and the 7th season of Game of Thrones now just a memory. While I do love watching TV series it was not them that dragged me away from my blog.   For last 18 months or so, I was heavily involved in design and development of new version of utPLSQL v3. After… Read More

I recently use utPLSQL in my daily work as a testing framework and I’ve noticed that the framework is doing quite bad job on exception handling on the tested code. I’ll try to demonstrate it with a simple/yet realistic scenario. Scenario Consider a CUSTOMERS table created and populated with following script We have an API… Read More