In my previous post I have described solution allowing you to obtain count of error rows that get inserted into error table when using Oracle SQL syntax of INSERT INTO … SELECT … FROM … LOG ERRORS. The solution provided had a bug related to resetting counters. You might say, that the problem was with… Read More

Oracle SQL has a really neat feature to log the rows that failed to be processed during DML statement (INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE / MERGE ). This is really great feature and you cen read a lot more about it on The thing I was wondering about is, if I log errors and… Read More

Some time back I’ve read Mike Smithers Blog on SQL and PL/SQL standards. I really like reading his blog. He is a great story-teller. Being Oracle developer for over 15 years should make me comply with all of the mostly demanding standards there are. My nature however always tells me to look at the balance… Read More

Foreword Unit Testing is around for quite a while. Since it started to become more and more popular, quite a few tools became available for Oracle database to allow unit testing of the database. There are the UI based tools like Quest Code Tester (now Dell Code Tester for Oracle), Oracle SQL Developer unit testing.… Read More