In my previous post I’ve shown and measured the performance loss on passing the parameters to and from procedure/function call inside PL/SQL code. In this article I’m about to reveal another bottleneck that is often forgotten and not so easy to overcome. Suppose you need to have some value calculated. The formula is straight matematical calculation but the… Read More

Before I started working at Pragmatists I never actually took time or effort to research the web for automating the testing process in Oracle databases. My previous job was more about delivering solutions, advisory, analysis, design and implementation using the traditional cascade product delivery approach. I don’t want to get into too many details on how it… Read More

While working heavily on script automation I came across the issue of having an SQLPlus script with optional parameter. Oracle does not allow that by default, and one needs to use a dirty trick to make it work. Vladimir made a great article on how to achieve that. Thank you Vlad, this is really helpful.… Read More