Today I came up with idea to overcome the issue: SQLPlus ERRORLOGGING does not keep error log on rollback. The resolution is to use autonomous transactions to log the errors reported by SQL Plus. What we need to do is to somehow catch the error that is about to be logged and wrap it in an… Read More

Before I started working at Pragmatists I never actually took time or effort to research the web for automating the testing process in Oracle databases. My previous job was more about delivering solutions, advisory, analysis, design and implementation using the traditional cascade product delivery approach. I don’t want to get into too many details on how it… Read More

While working heavily on script automation I came across the issue of having an SQLPlus script with optional parameter. Oracle does not allow that by default, and one needs to use a dirty trick to make it work. Vladimir made a great article on how to achieve that. Thank you Vlad, this is really helpful.… Read More

Recently I’m heavily involved in SQL*Plus scripting automation tasks. I must admit that despite all the settings you may set and retrieve with SQL*Plus, it is a real pain to do some good automation with this tool. I’m very glad that Oralce continues to extend Oracle SQL*Plus features, but i must say that it seems… Read More