Foreword Unit Testing is around for quite a while. Since it started to become more and more popular, quite a few tools became available for Oracle database to allow unit testing of the database. There are the UI based tools like Quest Code Tester (now Dell Code Tester for Oracle), Oracle SQL Developer unit testing.… Read More

Oracle database does not support ability to obtain number of rows inserted/updated/deleted by a merge operation. The only value you can obtain is the total number of rows affected by merge operation. Consider the following example. Setup. Code: All that you can get is the overall number of rows processed by merge statement. So I’ve created… Read More

In my previous post I’ve shown and measured the performance loss on passing the parameters to and from procedure/function call inside PL/SQL code. In this article I’m about to reveal another bottleneck that is often forgotten and not so easy to overcome. Suppose you need to have some value calculated. The formula is straight matematical calculation but the… Read More