Winter is coming and the 7th season of Game of Thrones now just a memory. While I do love watching TV series it was not them that dragged me away from my blog.   For last 18 months or so, I was heavily involved in design and development of new version of utPLSQL v3. After… Read More

Intro Most of use-cases for current Oracle databases involve some kind of application server that is managing database connection pool. The pool is keeping database connections open for long time to avoid the overhead of connect/disconnect handshakes. Taking into consideration, that deployment of database changes, is more and more often required to be done seamlessly,… Read More

Some time back I’ve read Mike Smithers Blog on SQL and PL/SQL standards. I really like reading his blog. He is a great story-teller. Being Oracle developer for over 15 years should make me comply with all of the mostly demanding standards there are. My nature however always tells me to look at the balance… Read More

I recently use utPLSQL in my daily work as a testing framework and I’ve noticed that the framework is doing quite bad job on exception handling on the tested code. I’ll try to demonstrate it with a simple/yet realistic scenario. Scenario Consider a CUSTOMERS table created and populated with following script We have an API… Read More